As Chinese PC sales decline, CANDIS sees opportunity

Large Chinese equipment manufacturers feel the pressures of the global financial crisis, seeing PC sales plummeting. The world’s fourth largest PC vendor recorded a loss of US$264 million for its fiscal fourth quarter ended March, following a US$96.7 million loss for the previous quarter. Its worldwide PC shipments declined 8.2 percent year on year due to sluggish demand from corporate consumers. CANDIS Group, an IT services firm whose business also involves the procurement of IT hardware has also seen the effects. However, due to the uniqueness of their service offerings opportunity presents itself.

“Throughout the last year, I have seen more and more companies going to “complete solution” technologies that offer the benefits of the software without the expense of the hardware.” said David van Meerendonk, Sales Director of the CANDIS Group. CANDIS Group places importance on delivering a solution to customers with end results as the driving factor of functionality. Especially with the Thin Client solutions, customers can realize a longer life for hardware and a much lower cost for maintenance. These types of new IT solutions are what drives the CANDIS Group and puts their offerings at the forefront of both the technical and functional aspects of an appropriate IT infrastructure.

“Not only do we strive to make IT easier for our customers, we want to make it cheaper and more readily accessible,” said Richard Ford, CANDIS Group CTO. “We also think that it is our responsibility to incorporate Green ideas into our technical solutions.” CANDIS has already sold and managed multiple IT solutions with low cost and on an environmentally friendly basis.

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