Virtual Private Networks

For many of CANDIS' clients, to which connectivity to a corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) is not mission critical, our Global Link is not the best option to maintain the connectivity to their corporate headquarters' WAN. Although a dedicated Global Link WAN solution has obvious advantages over the publicly accessible Internet in terms of reliability, performance and security, the costs may at times outstrip the benefits, especially since leased lines within China is at times very expensive depending on the office location.

For these clients, CANDIS provides Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as a means for them to access their corporate WAN in an equally secure manner building virtual circuits between China and the corporate headquarter overseas. CANDIS' encrypted VPNs are tunneled through the transport network that the public Internet offers via our global IP backbone, thereby offering unhindered access across national borders.

CANDIS also uses VPNs to separate the traffic of different user communities over our global IP backbone with strong security features and when delivering Cloud Computing solutions. It is also used to provide access to networks via customized routing mechanisms, tailored to the clients' needs.

The main difference between CANDIS' VPN solutions and our Global Link is that we only offer best-effort performance, but do not provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our VPN product, as the Internet in China is too unstable to allow CANDIS to accurately asses the economic risk factors involved in providing a viable SLA. We do however maintain several private and public peering sessions globally, achieving direct connectivity with the vast majority of Internet routes. As we grow, CANDIS will connect with each global carrier in even more locations at Gigabit speeds and use their private transport lines to route traffic around carrier outages and bottlenecks, enabling CANDIS to offer SLAs even for our VPN products as connectivity strengthens.