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IT System Maintenance

With CANDIS as your partner, your IT System Maintenance gets a whole lot easier. We send one or more of our highly experienced and professional engineers to work at your site, making sure each section of your IT system performs in accordance with your expectations. Should you choose to use a time limited support option rather than full time on-site support, our entire team is always ready to support you remotely whenever a need arises, or to come to your office on an ad-hoc call when requested.

We understand that for many companies, hiring a full-time IT engineer will be slightly less expensive than hiring a third-party service provider. But we also strongly believe that the benefits of outsourcing your IT System Maintenance far outstrips any costs savings from maintaining your IT system internally when considering the risks alleviation you get by outsourcing your IT System Maintenance.

Hiring one individual to maintain your IT system is equivalent to basing your entire business success on one client. As in a single client scenario, it leaves you vulnerable to sudden undesirable changes.

By hiring CANDIS to take over you IT System Maintenance you are no longer as exposed to such "single-point vulnerabilities", as your data and IT system integrity is protected by the CANDIS organization, and not controlled by a single individual.

In China, a simple thing as employee resignations can result in vital business data being lost or compromised, as it is not uncommon for companies to suffer wholesale loss of data that is either destroyed by disgruntled employees, or handed to competitors when seeking new employment.

As unpleasant it is to think about, such possibilities are nevertheless a reality. They can however be greatly reduced by working with CANDIS instead of a single directly employed individual. By serving as an intermediary between the employees and your data, CANDIS’ IT System Maintenance service helps minimize the risk of unauthorized attempts to copy, destroy, or tamper with company data.

When working with CANDIS, you retain exclusive control of all relevant IT documentation, and if personnel ever need to be replaced, CANDIS helps you manage the transition seamlessly and without interruption to your business.

Whether or not we are on site, or supporting remotely, our goal is the same as yours: to protect and maintain your IT system investment with a quality outsourced solution that includes 24/7 on-call service.

CANDIS' IT System Maintenance is split into two tiers, depending on your needs, while the rest of the CANDIS team acts in support:
  • Tier One Support:
    • Commercial Desktop, Server and Office Productivity Software installation, configuration and support.
    • Network device installation and support.

    All work carried out by Tier One engineers is documented and supervised by a Tier Two engineer at no additional cost.

  • Tier Two - IT Manager Service:
    • Management of IT assets and personnel.
    • IT escalation support services and vendor management.
    • Open Source Desktop, Server and Application installation, configuration and support.
    • Enterprise Application installation and Support, including but not limited to, SQL, Exchange, VMWare, Oracle, Postgresql, Mail and Web services.