Data Management

The Kabooza Global Backup Survey, covering 4,257 respondents from 129 countries, conducted online between 24-12-2008 and 06-01-2009 concludes by stating that 66% of internet users have suffered from serious data loss.

System backups are useful for two reasons. The first is to restore systems following a disaster and the second is to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted.

Since a backup contains; as a minimum, one copy of all data worth saving, the data storage requirements are considerable, and commonly out of reach for any in-house business server. Organizing this storage space and managing the backup process is a complicated undertaking. It grows more and more complex as the data amount grows over time as well, and is often too much to handle for internal IT staff.

By hosting with CANDIS, you benefit form CANDIS' own need to ensure Disaster Recovery of our clients data, and so, when CANDIS performs a backup on the system, the backups are firstly written to a local file system for performance reasons, and then copied off-site via tape drives.

This exact same system is utilized when we make an Off site Backup for our clients' hardware/VPS specifically, and we are always on the ready to help our clients should disaster strike, being it natural or human-induced.

The best approach to protect your IT system, is for CANDIS to take part in your Business Continuity Planning, though our Professional Services Department, ensuring the implementation of a sound IT Disaster Recovery solution, including planning for resumption of applications, data, hardware, communications and other IT infrastructure, in part supported by our Off-site Backup services.

In the event of a system failure or other disastrous events, CANDIS will step in on a 24x7 basis to initiate a manual fail-over, ensure that dynamic fail-over has been executed properly, or monitor the cluster for capacity limitations, adding nodes as necessary. Thereafter, upon restoration and configuration of the IT system, CANDIS will initiate fail-back and restoration of cluster and/or replica functionality.