IT Assessment Program - ITAP

It is easy to get lost in the details when you plan an IT solution based on a perceived need. Many IT consultants approach every project with a pre-defined set of solution, leading with technology, they let everything else follow from it – irrespective of the client's underlying needs.

CANDIS' IT Assessment Program or ITAP for short, takes a different approach altogether. ITAP is a truly targeted process aimed at understanding your business and diagnosing the issues at the heart of it.

The goal is to see the bigger picture and acquire the tools needed to bring it to life. CANDIS' IT Assessment Program gets you there.

ITAP has been developed as a cost efficient process that allows clients to plan for the future without spending too much money during trying financial times. ITAP is designed to allow clients to get an understanding of their own future in terms of IT wants and necessities, bridging the gap between immediate needs and long term, cost saving needs as well, both in terms of investment costs and in long-term operational maintenance costs.

ITAP adheres to the industry standard System Development Life Cycle Process that seeks to fully understand business processes, information needs and management of IT systems from pre-analysis through conception, deployment and finally maintenance and retiring stages of an IT system.

CANDIS takes pride in being technological agnostics, we never push any particular solution from the begining, but instead, we start out by gauging the big picture, asking questions about your business, your partners, your customers, your suppliers, and other aspects of your operations. Once we understand what you really need and want, we suggest solutions at the information system level.

Our guarantee is that throughout the system development process, technologies are never deployed for their own sake, but are instead geared towards achieving specific objectives identified as important to you as our client.