iCANDIS is an easy-to-use professional website design tool. It is a completely new generation product which provides a flexible and efficient way for clients to create and manage a professional, interactive website – without requiring any high-level technical skills.

It is unlike any other website builder or content management system on the market!

You should never need to pay a web designer or software developer again, nor will you need to prepare detailed specifications because it can so easily be adapted to meet your changing requirements. Also, there is no special software to install and our free telephone and email support is always available should you need to have someone personally “walk you through” the process.

You can either choose to manage your website yourself, or through CANDIS' Support Department, and if you choose to build and manage it yourself, CANDIS will configure your basic content for your website together with you, as part of your initial iCANDIS training.

As an added bonus, new features are continually being added at no additional charge. This ensures that you will always have the latest in web technology so you should never have to build another website again!

Nowadays, several "What You See Is What You Get" website building tools are available for updating text and visual elements of personal websites. They are seemingly low cost, but because they focus on appearance, they usually lack the flexibility with which to build and manage an interactive, database-driven website demanded by professional business sites.

Using such alternative products may require a substantial amount of extra time, effort and cost to achieve the desired result, as there are often significant challenges in integrating additional modules or scripts. A programmer or specialist designer may need to be consulted and as we know that you prefer to focus on running and promoting your business rather than concerning yourself with technical complexities, you should avoid tools that require expert knowledge or force you to pay developers to add extra features or functionality.

iCANDIS acts as your complete online marketing control center, through which your website can easily be managed, powerful new features be added and content quickly modified by the employee assigned to its maintenance in your organization.

There are many criteria for choosing a website building tool. If you are serious about creating an online footprint that enhances the way you do business you should select a product which gives you:
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Ongoing Support
  • Compliance to Standards
  • Search Engine Optimization
iCANDIS gives you all of these and is the right choice for most SMEs.

Our website is built using iCANDIS...