Web Hotel

Many companies offer shared web hosting or Web Hotel solutions in the Chinese market, but none with the "gourmet" approach adopted by CANDIS. While many companies find their online footprint inaccessible for Chinese customers if hosted in other countries, or inaccessible from overseas if hosted in China, our high-end hosting facilities, combined with our global IP backbone ensures full access to all your sites hosted with CANDIS, regardless of the geographical location.

CANDIS has also worked diligently over the past few years to build a strong relationship with international domain registrars, allowing us to quickly and easily manage your .cn suffixed domain names on your behalf as part of our Web Hotel services. This leaves our clients with a peace of mind, in the knowledge that their domains are protected by international law, and not under the management of some dubious Chinese domain registrar.

The advantages of choosing CANDIS' "gourmet" Web Hotel for your online footprint are many, and the most apparent are:
  • Connectivity: Excellent dedicated BI-DIRECTIONAL routing to Big CNC, Little CNC, China Telecom, China Unicom, Education Network and the Science and Technology Network in China, including redundant connections and access from both South and North China as well as overseas. We manage our own IP Range and Reverse DNS and our ranges are registered with CNIC in CANDIS' name with English contact details and active phone numbers.

  • License: All websites hosted in China needs a Internet Content Provider (ICP) license from the Chinese Government. While a non-commercial site is free and simple to obtain a license for, an license for a commercial site (intended to be used for transactions (B2B/B2C) will need a special commercial license which is both costly and time consuming to maintain. CANDIS offer assistance in obtaining these licenses, but note that, with CANDIS, your site can be hosted anywhere in the world on our widespread server parks interlinked with our global IP backbone, while still being fully accessible in China - at high connection speeds.

  • Guarantee: CANDIS' various Web Hotels are running on redundant clusters with SANs at its core, ensuring full access to your online footprint at all times, allowing CANDIS to offer Up-Time Guarantees. I.e., if the node where your website is located fails or get cut off from the Internet, all traffic will automatically be re-routed to a new node immediately, and no user will be the wiser.

  • Management: The administrator of the website have easy access to manage the website through our powerful, yet intuitive, management platform, and this can either be done by the client directly, or by CANDIS' Service Department as part of our Web Hotel service.

  • Scalability: The system built by CANDIS is fully scalable to include more services or space on our servers through a variety of products. This allows our clients to easily upgrade their online footprint, for example, from an initial website to a Database Front End or a Web Portal for online interaction with suppliers and customers across the globe as business grows.