Global Link

By partnering with an extensive network of local and international ISPs and global carriers, CANDIS has gained access to an interlinked, high-speed global communication network.

These partnerships have allowed CANDIS to rapidly expand our global reach, and to focus on building server hubs, rather than infrastructure lines between them.

Together with our Structured Cabling and Last Mile Access services, this product is critical for CANDIS' ability to deliver secure and fast Cloud Computing solutions to our clients everywhere.

CANDIS also utilizes these partnerships when providing global links to our clients, building secure networks between regional offices and the headquarter internationally, or between the main office in China and branch offices located across the country.

Although we sometimes are met with monopolistic chellenges, CANDIS' strong focus on knowing the local markets, and building strong business networks and partnerships within them generally allow clients to enjoy the full benefit of CANDIS' global reach.