CANDIS' Collocation services offer businesses a high-end Collocation environment designed to grow as business needs grow. Our Collocation services are offered in strategic global locations alongside our own server clusters, thereby benefiting from the cost-of-scale of being in a already established hosted infrastructure, as well as the security and other features intrinsic to CANDIS' IDCs.

Many companies that originally opted to keep their servers and data stored in-house, are now looking at Collocation as the only viable solution going forward. As IT systems grows they tend to get more complex, dispersed, bandwidth and power hungry. The added security, reliability and scalability benefits achieved by collocating in a CANDIS IDC make our Collocation services the right choice for many a business.

Furthermore, CANDIS' IDCs have Gigabit Internet and Network Access available to all our clients, which means that even from remote locations, your servers and data is readily available to you while you are on the move.

By moving your servers from your offices to CANDIS' IDCs, we give you the control and flexibility to build your own solutions while we provide you with:
  • Gigabit Internet and Network Access
  • 99.99% network availability guaranteed
  • Access to a powerful back-up system
  • State of the art waterless fire suppression system
  • High speed remote access to your server
In addition, clients have access to our powerful account and server management system, making the managing of their collocated equipment convenient and easy, with features including:
  • Real-time traffic graphing
  • Customizable traffic thresholds and alerts
  • Network status updates
  • Online support ticket system