CANDISNow! makes intra-company collaboration efficient, taking work flow management to a whole new level.

CANDISNow! is an account based online corporate level collaboration suite, where each employee has an individual account based on their company e-mail address. It must however be emphasized that although CANDISNow! is an excellent e-mail platform, it offers a lot more to our clients than simple e-mail communication and management.

CANDISNow! also provides an efficient way to organize schedules and coordinate meetings with clients and colleagues. Individual and group calendars allow employees to get the information they need, across offices and time zones. CANDISNow! provides unlimited calendars with daily, weekly, or monthly views, and lets employees share calendars with each other. The clean user interface gives you a full view at a glance, making it easy to spot scheduling bottlenecks or overlapping events.

Within CANDISNow! detailed message boards can be created, enabling employees to form discussion groups, structure company knowledge, and efficiently streamline communications online. The administrator can grant different access permissions to particular users, automatically publish incoming e-mails to a message board and display company announcements on target users’ home pages.

With CANDISNow! it has never been easier to share documents online. CANDISNow! lets employees share document folders with each other, set permissions, access and create documents while on the road, publish document folders on the Web, and more.

CANDISNow! is fully accessible with mobile phones and other mobile devices, allowing you to stay connected regardless of where your travels takes you. The intuitive user interface means training is quick and easy, so employees will be using CANDISNow! productively in no time at all.

CANDISNow! is centrally hosted by CANDIS in one of our IDCs on our global IP backbone. By keeping your corporate data online with CANDISNow!, you eliminate a wide range of pit-falls that regularly affect businesses of all sizes, usually resulting in lost or compromised data. You never have to worry about losing the data, or about employees making unauthorized changes when hosted by CANDIS. In fact, you never even have to worry about carrying your computer with you. The data reside on remote servers, and will be there waiting for you, no matter with what and where you log in from.