China’s Olympic Data Centre

I got to go and stick my nose about a nice “Olympic Quality” (whatever that means) CNC data centre last night as my team and I ripped up and put back together a new clients ailing cluster.

This place had official Olympic logo’s all over the place! And nice toilets – a rudimentary western yard stick when measuring quality in China. 😉

This IDC has some big name sites in it. In front of our servers are some servers, Baidu was in the next room – past the hand print scanner – and was a few rows over too.

Great cooling, but still no sign of people getting “Hot Aisle/Cool Aisle” design. This IDC used overhead conduits instead of a raised floor. I guess it is all down to preference on that one. They do offer as standard two power circuits per rack, but only 16A per circuit. So forget about putting 60 blades in 6 chassis in these racks. One rack we saw already had an official warning on it about being careful when adding another server due to power use. Yet this rack only had 8 Dell PE2950’s in it?? Seems a bit wasteful on space to me.

Overall, very impressive. Apart from the hand scanners, the quality is the same as CANDIS’ current facilities. With some extras and minus some others. The good news is that most of what you would want is standard and then only a few missing things need be added. Where as we had to build a lot of stuff to get to the standard we wanted.

Oh well, in a city with as many cars and people as Beijing……location, location, location. We are in the CBD, in the embassy district. This place is out with the cows…… and no camera’s were allowed and I needed my passport and caused much fanfare being a “Foreigner” and all.

But in the end, I must say VERY PROFESSIONAL, as if anyone is doubting China’s commitment to out do Sydney (as evidenced by all my compatriots here doing a double take for Beijing) as the “greatest Olympics ever”.

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