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Nickel and Dimming Vendor Olympics?

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

In the middle of putting out a proposal for a very large client/tender at the moment. Well over a life time’s earnings in servers and an as yet un calculated retainer and service rate at this stage – electricity and bandwidth and human hours all cost money.

I always try to get the best prices within the scope of common sense for clients. Mainly because as a integrated stack vendor, the pricing on one component can blow out the total price of the whole stack. And hardware is the first place to start (given an understanding of the management systems and risk credentials of the project at hand already).

One thorn in my side is mandated “Installation and Configuration” charges. Which are basically extortion attempts.


Software as a Service, ASPing, ESPing, ISPing and many more “SP’s”

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Software as a service. Sounds nice doesn’t it? How about utility computing or computing as a service?

Well it is not until you actually start to UNDERSTAND it – that you get to appreciate it. All too often the pundits of tech in society (as nice as they are), like, and – have a great habit of talking about tech and service – but never having actually done it themselves or can appreciate it at a deeper and more sophisticated level.

Case in point, is the fact that many people go on about “I want a real app, not some web app”. Or, I need to have connectivity while I am in a cross country flight, etc. To me it just seems that some people can’t get with the times from either a tech standpoint, or even from another perspective, say costs.