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Quick Storage Tip

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Ever wondered where all that disk space has gone? Why the 100GB drive is not 100GB?

Well apart from some systems using GiB and others GB and then some manufacturers using base10 and not base3 and saying that 1GB is 1000MB and not 1024 – I have found another one.

When making a file system that is not your root file system (/) or var (/var) or root (/root), etc – say a second drive or partition used for something else, try to format with the “-m 0” command so that 5% is not reserved for the root user.

On a 1024GB array – say 1TB – that is a whopping ~52GB!!

Also if you will have many files in said system, also throw in the “-O dir_index” flag too, to enable hash tree’s for directory look ups – =big= speed increase.

Open Office Conference Confirmed for Beijing

Saturday, March 8th, 2008


Go read for more.

Now if only IDG could put on a half decent Linux World instead of the token crap they excrete out like a constipated hippo.