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China an inefficient truth

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I read this entry over on David Wolf’s blog before my recent trip back down under about power usage and IT infrastructure.

Silicon Hutong

And the topic did strike a “Hey this is real man!!!” kind of chord with me. A cathartic resonance that shall never come from me with respect to the greater greenhouse effect crap while the infallible science is still not in. Nor came to me for any other “agenda” or “crusade of the world” that seemed to so very trouble all those students over in the Arts and Law faculties. That seemed to have so much time on their hands, relative to us poor saps in Engineering and Business school.

Politics aside, wastage for the sake of wastage though is not very good. And I have a rather poignant insider’s look at this issue that also manages (in my mind at least) to cross paths with this issue about China’s talent gap, or indeed this also about the talent gap.

What does resource wastage and power requirements have to do with a talent gap, or as they lament now in overly taxed and anti-entrepreneurial Australia – the “Brain Drain”?

Allow me to explain.


China’s Olympic Data Centre

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I got to go and stick my nose about a nice “Olympic Quality” (whatever that means) CNC data centre last night as my team and I ripped up and put back together a new clients ailing cluster.

This place had official Olympic logo’s all over the place! And nice toilets – a rudimentary western yard stick when measuring quality in China. 😉

This IDC has some big name sites in it. In front of our servers are some servers, Baidu was in the next room – past the hand print scanner – and was a few rows over too.