Red Hat to the Rescue!

Well, it seems only appropriate that with Linux World China being next week and all, that Red Hat are going to get some LTO2 tapes shipped. I didn’t even check on my status today, but I was hovering around ~77GB. 540 odd GB to go!

I would like to pull from Japan, but they use a different package selection system for their rsync mirrors. So while I can pass one simple command to Red Hat’s core mirror servers and cherry pick what I want, lining up that choice with data pulled in from Japan, is a pain in the arse. I would need to recreate all files in the exact same place and then use checksum checking in RSYNC – which is also a pain and slow.

I so hope I can be online before Linux World. Fed Ex can ship overnight….c’mon Red Hat!

Well to be fair, “C’mon Red Hat employee who is doing this on his own as his own shared initiative with me!”

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