Quick Storage Tip

Ever wondered where all that disk space has gone? Why the 100GB drive is not 100GB?

Well apart from some systems using GiB and others GB and then some manufacturers using base10 and not base3 and saying that 1GB is 1000MB and not 1024 – I have found another one.

When making a file system that is not your root file system (/) or var (/var) or root (/root), etc – say a second drive or partition used for something else, try to format with the “-m 0” command so that 5% is not reserved for the root user.

On a 1024GB array – say 1TB – that is a whopping ~52GB!!

Also if you will have many files in said system, also throw in the “-O dir_index” flag too, to enable hash tree’s for directory look ups – =big= speed increase.

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2 Responses to “Quick Storage Tip”

  1. Martin Liu Says:

    How does your Infrastructure looks like?
    How do you get every OS installed and up?
    Are you using some monitoring tools?
    I am curious about your company.
    And how is your business in China?

  2. richard Says:

    It looks like lots of servers and pretty lights! There are some old images on this blog at the top in the links. I must add new ones, as we now have Nanjing as well as a vastly upgraded HK presence.

    How do we manage those OS’s. Well if VPS’ then VMWARE and other tools have replication features. Then there is always the old favourite kickstart, as well as dd and acronis.

    For monitoring we use UberSmith. http://www.ubersmith.com. It rocks. Tried ZenOss, GroundWorks and Nagios. They all sucked for our needs. We also use Dell Open Manage to monitor hardware health and Cacti to monitor some networking variables. We used to use Cacti to do server metrics too – but Uber does that as well now. 😉

    I am curious about my company too. I never know why the office is always empty at 12:01PM and 6:01PM…. :-s

    Business is great thanks to the complete lack of local competition in the enterprise level arena. Even IBM and HP and SUN who may have good engineers with a project team that has one laowai walk in to do the pitch. The work is always done by locals and they never have any good architects. So as China continues to develop and students continue to study CISCO and Microsoft and JAVA and not UML and OOA/OOD and Linux/Distributed computing/utility computing principles – Business will continue to do well.

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