Feed Burner Blocked in China

No wonder my page views dropped. Crikey! I was waiting for it to happen really. There are many things that I know are a bit “ahead” of China, that I know will break policies, so it is just a matter of time before mere mortals catch up with the geek crew who are on the edge.

Yup “the edge”, it means we uber geeks get all the chicks and leave no space for anyone else on ‘the edge’ – like F1 drivers or astronauts….

Anyway – special “Inside China” link added to the top right below the normal Feed Burner link.  The Feed Burner link is more featured and will still work for anyone outside of China. Also if you use Google Reader, that is not in China so can still read a Feed Burner based RSS feed. I wonder how long till that (Google Reader) is blocked too?

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  1. Bjørn Stabell 白熊 » Blog Archive » The day the podcasts died Says:

    […] Richard noticed that Feedburner has been blocked in China. This is terrible news as a lot of blogs and podcasts are using feedburner! No wonder half my podcasts suddenly stopped working. Let me know if you find a work-around (besides using Tor for everything). […]

  2. Host your own damn feeds! Provide alternative to Feedburner unacceptable dominance! at Chris’ Website Says:

    […] Feedburner, or similar, why can’t you also provide a link to your original feed URL as well. Richard wised up and did this! (Thank’s Richard!) Bjorn also wrote about […]

  3. Olly S Says:

    I was wondering if you could share with me how you set this up? I am using the Feedburner plugin in WordPress which automatically routes all feeds to Feedburner, and assume the solution involves preventing the feed from redirecting, no?

  4. richard Says:

    I checked out your blog. Update to 2.2.2. Then all you do is find the raw original XML file for your feeds in you wp-content directory, should be “wp-feed.php”, then make a link to it.

    The automatic feed links in WP are redirected to feedburner when you put the plugin in. However the raw original XML file is not affected, so you just make a link to that.

  5. Mike Tucci Says:

    This just works! Thanks!

  6. richard Says:

    Glad I could help!

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