Google China SysAdmin Community Launch

This is a new initiative from Google in China. They contacted our LUG to see if there was any interest. To quote from El Presidente Fred:

“I am reaching out for people with skills and/or interest in system or network administration. Google is starting a community around this theme and we were asked for the few of us interested to join”

It went down on the 18th of December at “Taihe Caoben Chafang”, 1/F, Block 17, Wanda Guangchang.

Name in Chinese: 万达广场17号楼,太和草本茶坊

I wonder what they were up to? Maybe some of my fellow bluggers who read my blog can chime in and update us all? I would have gone, but hey I had a visit to sunny Australia to take care of!

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4 Responses to “Google China SysAdmin Community Launch”

  1. Bjorn Says:

    They’ve been trying to hire sysadms in China for 2 years, but so far only found one qualified person. They want to promote the Unix Sysadm profession, perhaps by establishing SAGE China. There’s a huge mismatch between what jobs people think are out there and what’s really out there, thanks to marketing by M$ and the like; it’s time to fight back.

  2. richard Says:

    My hiring philosophy is this:

    – Throw out all foreign grads. They often went to shite uni’s and never bothered to learn any western culture and assume that a degree from outside of China is a gold pass.

    – Throw out all applicants that have their CISCO or MCSE certificates attached as some sort of badge of honour with the expectation that this too, is a gold pass

    – Give a hard written and practical test to anyone that says they have learned Linux from one of the local “Linux Schools” :-S

    – Then hunt in vain for someone that knows what UML is and then knows what technology is all about and the difference between, data, information and knowledge and what role IT has in business

    As you can guess – it is hard to get good graduates in China. 🙁

  3. Fred Says:

    Right! So that’s where the sysadmin group fits in: defining what is the job about, what people should know and educate students, companies and universities about it. There will be another meeting this month and I will probably post it on the BLUG front page to let more (interested) people know.

  4. richard Says:

    Please do. If there is anything I can do, to make the hiring process a little less painful and let business focus on information flow and not bloody cables and protocols and pieces of metal in racks!


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