Off-shoring and Fujitsu took my idea!

It is nice to see that I am not too “out there” in my thoughts.,39044229,62030996,00.htm

Difference is, they are still paying too much $$$$ to over paid western IT staff that really don’t do any serious Computer Science or R+D. That’s where China comes in! Global economy people, get with it, or get left behind. Times they are a changing, as is technology. Put these two together and one had better not get too comfortable in their own job in this industry and this day and age.

I can’t believe that in Australia some IT workers still claim 100+ K salaries. While that is fine for a capable and experienced business analyst, but a web developer or any kind of programmer in general?? Desktop support staff? DBA’s? That is the real danger to this industry, over paid, self important IT geeks who believe that IT can only be done well in the west and that everything that comes out of India, Korea, Brazil or China must be dodgy or below quality.


Some people are in for a rude shock in the coming years. Especially those without a diversified skill set that reaches beyond tech or who can’t fluently speak at least one foreign language (Chinese or Spanish being ideal candidates).

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