Double ICP Needed

Just a quick update on ICP since that is what I get a lot of hits for – that and ESX disk woes.

Previously you would have to decide between a “normal” ICP as needed for all business online properties.  Or a “commercial” ICP for doing trades/shopping cart/ecommerce.

Well if you had the latter – get ready to go an apply for the former AS WELL and IN ADDITION to the latter.  Otherwise the nice men at 5PM on a Friday on the phone will be demanding that your site is taken down.  Even though you have a commercial ICP and put up the millions in RMB in registered capital required for it.

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  2. andrew Says:

    I thought even a commercial ICP is free? What do you mean by “have a commercial ICP and put up the millions in RMB in registered capital required for it.”??? And what exactly is it and how much i it exactly? Seems I may have to opt for hosting in HK!

  3. Jorn Says:

    Technically speaking it is free… but, you have to put down a deposit during the application process that is then refunded afterward. Don’t ask why that is please… it is simply a China law thing.

    If you have the cash flow it is no issue, if you don’t there are agencies that can help with the application process and lend you the money… all against a fee of course.

    If it is not a .cn domain you are thinking about hosting, I would host it in Hong Kong and simply use a hosting provider that has CDN capabilities in China to ensure speedy access. If it is a .cn domain you will need an ICP license regardless of where it is hosted, so if you have th choice, don’t use the .cn domain.

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