Chinese Registrars and Domain Names

Well, hasn’t managing a .CN or any domain name in China been fun. The number of well understood ICANN recommendations that aren’t adhered to is as numerous as the cries for blood following the loss of Australia to Italy in the world cup quarter finals.

In any case the Ministry of Science and Technology has cracked down on many of these dodgy providers of late. However even some of the large ones – who also show ICANN logo’s are just as dodgy.

I had some domains that the registrar did not allow me to move until I paid them for a year of renewals – even though the expiry date was a good 3 months away. Subsequent transfers that involved lots of faxes and lots of pieces of paper and no automation whatsoever (Seriously Network Solutions has been a great help, but they are given the run around too!) were ultimately denied.

Some were transfered (all need a pass code to be issued with a copy of passport and business licence) and some were not – until – yup – I paid some money!

So what is the moral of this story? DO NOT USE CHINESE REGISTRARS, PERIOD! There are many overseas that sell .CN names and have excellent customer service, transparent policies and 100% adherence to the .CN TLD rules as laid out, rightfully so by China.

Right about now I will go off on a slight tangent about local resellers of some international tech products that take advantage of the fact that many Chinese citizens and business have restrictions on access to and use of, foreign currency. The number of times I have just said “Get stuffed, I’ll buy it direct from Hong Kong or Australia” and not from you, the local supplier, are quite numerous.

Technology has always been a bit more forward than the laws in many countries around the world and even people’s understanding of said technology. This makes it hard at times to regulate and control trade and consumer protection. Add to that, that China is a developing country that is experiencing massive cultural, political, social and economic change – and tech maybe gets an even longer leash here at times. Unfortunately, as all too often here in China, some purveyors of tech are not interested in sustained growth of the wider industry as a whole, yet more so the quick buck and hell with the flavour that is left in consumers mouths.

During dinner with the China CEO of a large open source tech company back in 2003. He lamented, “The local providers do such a bad job and rip off customers left, right and centre, that this family of technology in general is given a bad name, so much so that we can’t even sell our superior packages either! I wish we could buy them to protect the future of this technology in the Chinese commercial marketplace.”

Well as for domain names, I don’t have to wish, I just do the overseas thing now. I moved around 30 key domains for my company and I will now be advising and helping all clients to move theirs as well. DNS and domains are too important and fundamental to the internet and all the services that rely on it for it to be exposed to such operational risks. A rough count now puts this at around 400 domains, so that means a lot of passport flashing, paper printing and faxing will be needed!


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  2. Ryan Says:

    Who did you use to register?

  3. Jorn Says:

    We recommend Network Solutions for a professional and proper Registrar for .cn and domains. Stay as far away as possible form the China mainland registrars.

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