China Government Notice August 2010: ICP Application Process

Please note that this is a notice about the application PROCEDURE.  Not about the eligibility or style of ICP.  Please see these posts for that information:

New ICP Regulation

History of ICP

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ICP Application Procedure and Specifications

With new regulations enforced by MIIT, Internet Service Providers are obliged to conform to the current ICP application procedure.  Specifications are as follows:

1.    The procedure

For new record registration, please log on and choose “ICP record management system”. Wait for the on-site verification email after the required record information is submitted.  The website administrator will then be asked to be at the hosting providers office with related documents and also for a photo shoot.

2.    For Beijing clients only

For businesses, materials include:

  • Business Licence (photocopy) with business seal
  • Contact people personal ID (photocopy)
  • Domain certificate with business seal
  • Original verification forms filled out on site
  • Information security agreement with business seal
  • Website Administrator’s ID and photo shoot on site

For individuals, materials include:

  • Personal ID (photocopy)
  • Domain certificate
  • Original verification form filled out on site
  • Information security agreement
  • Website Administrator’s ID and photo shoot onsite

3.    Notes

  • Website Administrator must bring original personal ID and have the photo shoot on site
  • Institutions, governmental agencies and social organisations with no business license are to submit with Organisation Code Certificate
  • Websites with contents to be verified must provide with the department’s approval
  • The document required above can be submitted or emailed to

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  1. Fred Muller Says:

    Does item 2 falls under item (new record registration) or does it also apply for existing ICP numbers?


  2. richard Says:

    Item two in the blog article or related links? Which line/text string exactly?

  3. China ICP FAQ at Utility Computing dot China Says:

    […] New Application Procedures August 2010 […]

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