Busy Bee, China Storage Fabric, Thin Clients, iSCSI SAN’s and more

Been a bit busy of late. Many new clients and some large contracts (our largest to date). Our utility infrastructure has grown a lot too. Some of the projects and services that we are working on now and hope to launch very soon are:

– Grid Computing

– China wide redundant “Storage Fabric”

– China Optimised International and Local Routing

– Geographic IP and IDC Failover

– More thin client goodness

BTW – never use Windows Server 2008. It sucks. It has “VISTA” written all over it….literally in all the help files and what not. It is a true dog of an OS…but the Terminal Services support is WAAAAAY better. Not that W2K3 was bad – this is just even more fluid – especially under virtualisation.

Will update soon.

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